2023 Fall Camporee Maximum Bushcraft

2023 Prairielands Council Fall Camporee

October 13-15, 2-23 at Camp Robert Drake MAXIMUM BUSHCRAFT

List of what the Troops/Individuals SHOULD BRING.


1)  All meals

2)  Stocked pantry or chuck box, if competing in cook off

3)  Each Scout must have their 10 essentials on them at all times. Day bag, haversack, Backpack, Butt pack however but on them.

4)  Hatchet one per patrol

5)  Sheath knife on Scout

6)   Axe Yard provisions for your campsite. 2 axe yards per unit recommended for this outing.

7)  #36 Tarred Bank Line for lashing. DO NOT BUY THIS FROM WALMART, IT IS OILED, NOT TARRED! The tar helps hold the knots tight. Purchase online from Bombproof Bushcraft or I will have some at the camporee for sale as well. A 1-pound roll has something over 1000 feet on it. But the 1/4-pound rolls are easier to handle, and you can give those easier to more than 1 Scout. www.bombproofbushcraft.com

8)  Please bring your own lashing pole material, as much as you can. Make sure it's OK to cut these materials. I suggest a campout before this camporee somewhere you can harvest a lot of long branches or saplings. Each patrol will be building a camp. So, chairs, tables, kitchen gadgets etc.... Lots and Lots of lashing gear. Staves lots and lots. You will be allowed to harvest from downed wood at camp as well. But no sapling cutting will be permitted at Camp.

9) I recommend hand saws/limb trimming saws along with your bow saw. Scouts will be allowed to harvest from downed trees around camp. Much easier to carry those small saws.

Adults: This will be fun camporee with your help. We need to help encourage the Scouts to use their imagination, teamwork and Scout skills on this one. I'm also asking you to follow and keep an eye on your patrols. There will not be a lot of time in a "classroom" structure.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Cell (815) 931-2405 or by email kamsflo07@gmail.com

Kris A. Hoogstraat

"Do Your Best" "Be Prepared"

"It'll be a better day tomorrow when the Cows come Home."